The Greeks & their friends

will get their home in Houston to build

We envision a beautiful building that will be able to host all our functions, from the National celebrations to Social events, to music concerts, to lectures, or dinners.

It will offer space to stage theater or movie projection, a shop for memorabilia, as well as a place to host art exhibitions or networking events and kitchen to create all those amazing Greek tastes. 

The building will offer business space for all Greek local organizations, meeting & conference rooms, and opportunity to sublease portions of it to Greek related organizations.

In order to help with the ongoing expenses, it will host the museum, while the main spaces will be able to be leased for a limited time for other uses.

We hope it will offer several full time or part-time employment to people hopefully from our community.

We believe in our potential

The Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest is actively pursuing a plan to acquire its building.
The building fund is actively accepting donations. 
If you are interested to help, take a few minutes to review the video  for more information.

Then commit financially to one of our programs

As a 501 c(3) organization, all Building Fund Donations are Tax Exempts