World Hellenic Diaspora Project

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The Board of Directors during the June 2020 meeting, approved the creation of the project under the name "World Hellenic Diaspora".

The working group on this project consists of representatives of several other organizations including:

  • The President of the Federation of Medical Societies of North America Dr. Spyros Mezitis
  • The President of The Hellenic Medical Society of New York Dr. Panos Manolas
  • The President of the New York Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Mr. Markos Drakotos
  • The President of the Federation of Illinois "Enosis" Mr. Kostas Chaniotakis
  • The President of the Federation of New Jersey Dr. Elias Iliadis
  • The President of HCC-SW (Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest Mr. Yannis Remediakis and the HCC-SW Treasurer Dr. Ioannis Kakadiaris

The goal of the group is to create a new organization that will construct and operate an electronic platform that will connect the entire Hellenic Diaspora.

Until the final creation of the new organization, HCC-SW will act as its Incubation center by accepting donations for the upcoming organization and being responsible to pay for any startup expenses.

The balance of the account will be transferred to the new organization when it will be fully operational.


For anyone who wants to send any payments, please write your checks to the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest with memo World Hellenic Diaspora and address it to:

Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest

P.O. Box 66431

Houston TX 77266

or simply do it online here