Why choose HCC-SW

With great love for our Greek heritage and our 4000+ year history, we invite you to the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest.

The HCC-SW was founded by local Hellenes of Houston to bring to the southwest programming that celebrates ancient and modern Greece and Greek America.

We welcome all Americans. The long term vision for HCC-SW is not only to bring a flavor of Greece to the southwest, but also to establish a physical education center and heritage museum, where all can learn about the remarkable Hellenic spirit and ethos.

For upcoming events and activities, visit our EVENTS page.

  • qxio-plus We have 10 plus years in the building industry
    Since 2006 HCC provides grand events from ancient tragedy to spectacular concerts to philosophical thinking
  • qxio-plus Goal is to have our Building
  • qxio-plus Unite all Hellenic organizations
  • qxio-plus Combining wisdom from elder generations with the force of youth