HCC-SW's New Year's message


New years banner

Dear members of our community,


As the President of HCC-SW and on behalf of the Executive office and the Board of Directors, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. These past two years have been filled with challenges and uncertainties, but through it all, our community has remained strong and united. The good part was that HCC-SW became a world-renowned organization with events that attracted literally several thousands of attendees! We became a well-recognized and respected organization among the vast majority of other Greek American organizations across North America.

I am grateful for each and every one of you and the contributions you have made to our organization and to the wider community. I have no doubt that, together, we will continue to make a positive impact in the coming year.

As we look towards the future, let us all resolve to work together to make this a year of progress and prosperity for our organization and for all those we serve. I also want to extend my best wishes for health and prosperity to you and your families. May the new year bring happiness and abundance to all of us.

With heartfelt wishes for a Happy New Year - ΚΑΛΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ & ΚΑΛΗ ΠΡΩΤΟΧΡΟΝΙΑ!!!

Yannis Remediakis